Community Involvement

Giving Back

At DesignHub, we believe in giving back to the community that has strongly supported us. Here are some ways the DesignHub crew gets involved:

Karen Ragland

Business Manager and Account Executive

Ted Chesky

Creative Director and Graphic Designer

Ted is a member and resident of the Great Oak Cohousing community of Ann Arbor. At Great Oak, he shares in managing the community, contributing to it, sharing in its day-to-day activities, and enhancing its resources.

Chris Kochmanski

Marketing Strategist and Copywriter

  • Marketing Advisor, Ann Arbor Spark’s SYOB (Start Your Own Business) Program
  • Marketing Advisor, Athena PowerLink Forum
  • Marketing Advisor, Mid-Michigan Innovation Council
  • Marketing Advisor, Saline Celtic Festival
  • Former Director and Committee Member, Ann Arbor IT Zone
  • Chris initiated the popular “Marketing Roundtable” program series for Ann Arbor SPARK, and was the chief organizer of the first and second years’ series of 20 programs in total for 2007 and 2008. Today Chris continues to serve as one of the Michigan Marketing Minds – the successor to Spark’s Marketing Roundtable. He moderates one program per year and serving on other programs’ panels as needed.
  • Graduate of Saline Leadership Institute Class of 2007