September 12, 2017

DesignHub Produces “Trendspotting” and “Quality Time” Newsletters for Masco Cabinetry

Over the past year, DesignHub has created nearly two dozen editions of the “Trendspotting” newsletter for Masco Cabinetry. Some editions have been only for Masco’s KraftMaid Cabinetry brand, others have been both for KraftMaid Cabinetry and Merillat Cabinetry, and a few have been adapted for Masco’s QualityCabinets brand.

In addition, we now have nearly a dozen more of Masco Cabinetry’s “Trendspotting” newsletters in the works for the closing months of calendar year 2017.

Under the “Trendspotting” umbrella, Sarah Reep, Masco Cabinetry’s Director of Designer Relations and Education, keeps kitchen and bath designers up to date on design trends so they can serve homeowners better. This is part of Sarah’s ongoing “Trendspotting” content marketing campaign, which also includes videos, webinars, presentations, and contributions to Masco Cabinetry’s blogs for designers and homeowners.

We’ve also recently produced six editions of Sarah Reep’s new “Quality Time” newsletter. This provides sales and marketing tips to dealers of Masco’s QualityCabinets product line.

DesignHub’s services to Masco Cabinetry on these newsletter projects includes research, writing, design, layout, photo selection and customization, and production of print-ready files.