Square Rose Website

“Designs to Free Your Creative Spirit”

That’s the tagline for Square Rose, an Ann Arbor-based provider of patterns for handbag designs. Square Rose also offers hand-dyed fabrics and hand-crafted handbag accessories. The new site we designed and developed for Square Rose lets visitors browse products and purchase items online, using PayPal accounts for payment. There are also instructions and terms for placing wholesale orders. Retailers carrying Square Rose products nationally and internationally are listed, with links to their own websites.

In the site’s “Square Rose Studio” blog, the company’s founder, owner, and chief pattern designer, Linda Lindsay, offers perspectives on her design choices and reflects on other topics of interest to the fiber arts community.

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Project Info

Site Plan: Karen Ragland, Ted Chesky

Design: Ted Chesky

Programming: Ryan Sexton, Ted Chesky

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Project Tags

Category: Websites

Industry: Consumer Goods

Features: Responsive Design