Message Strategy and Development

Have you heard or read the term “positioning”? Sorry to hit you with a marketing buzzword, but…

When you position something, you decide what you’ll give up to get. No company, brand, person, product, or service can be all things to all people. You can only be something to somebody. And determining what that something is –and who those somebodies are – will be key to your enterprise’s ongoing success.

DesignHub’s positioning process helps you define:

  • your targeted customers;
  • their need and your solution to help them meet that need;
  • the special value you provide to your customers;
  • the competitive alternatives your customers can select from;
  • your essential differentiation; and
  • why this differentiation should lead your targeted customers to prefer you.

This is important self-knowledge to have. Even better, it helps point you to the right marketing message – the message that will compel the right customers to seek you out and choose you with confidence.