Web Design and Development

DesignHub started out in traditional media, but we adapted quickly to the web. Over the past decade and a half, we’ve developed many, many websites for clients – probably over a hundred. We’d stop to count if we weren’t so busy on several new sites right now.


Our web design and development process begins with a carefully considered site plan, worked out in close collaboration with the client. We design the look and feel of the site, program the pages, develop and compile content, and create or find whatever imagery, video, and sound may be required. Site build-out, testing, and launch then follow.

Along the way, we help the client decide on the right content management system for day-to-day updating of the site’s content. This is usually our own ContentHub or another popular open-source CMS. WordPress is a favorite. On occasion we’ll build a site within another CMS of the client’s choosing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is always a consideration. We have a proven track record of creating sites that rank highly in relevant keyword searches.

Our portfolio of sample web projects is extensive. You should enjoy hunting around in it.