Search Marketing

If a website launches, but no one who cares ever finds it, does the site even exist?

Sorry for the two-bit philosophizing, but you get the point. Your site will only have value if your customers and prospects can get to it when they need the information it contains.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a goal of most websites we develop. We keep up on SEO’s best practices. We know the latest search marketing methods and tools. And we use them to help our clients’ sites rank highly in searches for the right keywords.

Want our help on your search-friendly site? Here are the SEO rules that will guide us:

  1. Build a site that’s deep and rich in relevant content.
  2. Get other relevant and reputable sites to link to your site.
  3. Keep the site fresh. Update it regularly with meaningful new content.
  4. No tricks! The search engines are too smart. They’ll punish your site if it tries to fool people, no matter how cleverly, into finding it.
  5. Be persistent and patient. High search rankings don’t come overnight.
  6. Think social / local / mobile. Your website, viewed on a desktop or laptop, is only part of your online presence. Often people will prefer to find you elsewhere on the web, while they’re on the go, searching with their hand-held devices.