Social Media Marketing

Social media are all the rage. The big question so many of our clients ask is: “Can we use the major social media to marketing our products and services effectively?”

Answer: It depends. (Don’t you hate when people say that?)

In DesignHub’s view, you normally share in social media with people you know, like, and trust. (Heck, that’s the same rule for doing business.) So on Facebook in particular, you’ll enthusiastically follow family and friends – and likely also the people, places, and things you’re a particular fan of. The latter category may include sports teams, vacation destinations, stores and restaurants, entertainers, favorite authors, events, and more.

Twitter can be an essential PR tool – if you’re truly a news-maker. On YouTube and Pinterest, you stand a good chance of getting found by people looking for the kinds of things you offer. LinkedIn can be a non-salesy way to promote your capabilities.

Does your product or service play to your customer’s personal interests or passions? Can you help someone meet an urgent need?  If so, you’ll want to consider social media for marketing. DesignHub can help you assess the alternatives and devise a plan.